As a PM you are required to know each of these knots. Remember the things we do involve trust. Knots are one of the most important things we learn in search and rescue. On a real mission, you might be tasked with tying a rope around a tree a certain way so your entire team can descend that rope off of a cliff on the knot YOU just tied! It might be dark and your team is trusting YOU with their lives! If you have any questions contact your mentor or the standards committee. Practice to perfection and practice often!

Required Knots:
  1. February 14th
    1. Safety Knot
    2. Double Fishermans Knot
    3. Prusik
  2. February 19th
    1. Figure 8 Knots ***
      1. Figure 8 Bend ***
      2. Figure 8 Retrace ***
  3. February 21st
    1. Alpine Butterfly
    2. High Strength Bowline ***
      1. Make two "loops" in the rope instead of one to make it high strength
  4. February 25th
    1. Clove Hitch
      1. You must be able to tie this with rope and webbing
    2. Munter
      1. You only need pictures 1-7
  5. February 28th
    1. Water Knot
    2. High Strength Sheet Bend ***
      1. To make it high strength wrap the rope twice. (Red rope in the pictures)
  6. March 7th
    1. Initial Knot Test
  7. March 28th
    1. Final Knot test
*** This knot requires a safety knot