Joining Mesa County Search and Rescue Control

    If you wish to join Mesa County Search and Rescue Control you can download a Search And Rescue Application, found below, or come to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office Records Desk and ask for one. The completed application must indicate which team(s) you wish to join and must be returned to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office during their regular hours. The application is forwarded to the appropriate team leader for review of qualifications and team needs.

The Ground Team are always accepting applications! We will review them around Nov/Dec of this year!

If you are wanting to join another SARC Team; Please contact us for more information!

THANK YOU for your patience!!

    Many of these teams require members to have technical training, special equipment, and certification standards before members are accepted. SARC membership requires continued training, meetings, and commitment of your personal time. All SARC members must complete an MCSO background check.

Many teams have full staffing levels and there may not be immediate openings. 
The K9 and Swift Water Teams require completion of the Ground Team's PM Class before members can join.
A team leader will respond to your application in January the following year.

Mesa County Search and Rescue Control Teams

  • Mesa County Search and Rescue Ground Team: Ground SAR operations.
    • Dog Team (K9): Provides K-9 SAR operations.
    • Boat Team/Swift-water Team: Jet boat SAR on the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers.
  • Mesa County Sheriff's Posse: Ground searches by horse.
  • Technical Rescue Team: Technical climbing skills for high angle rescue.
  • Communications Team: Provide technical staffing for all communications.
  • Snowskippers: Winter SAR operations with snowmobiles.
  • Western Slope ATV: Ground SAR operations with ATVs.
  • Helicopter Team: Air SAR operations with helicopters. 
  • Venturing Crew #303: A Boy Scout Troop that provides administrative support.

For Directions to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office click here:
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