Meet the Mesa County Search and Rescue Ground Team!!!

    The Mesa County Search and Rescue Ground Team is a highly trained nonprofit professional rescue organization comprised of over 40 skilled volunteers. On average, we receive anywhere from 55 to 60 search and rescue missions a year in various locations throughout Mesa and neighboring counties. We are on call 24/7 to support the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office with any and all search and rescue efforts free of charge, from safely carrying out injured mountain bikers to finding lost individuals in the mountains. Our goal, to help out those who are just having a bad day! 

    All ground team members must complete an entry PM Class, hold a current CPR/Basic First aid certification, pass an annual knot test, fitness hike, backcountry navigation test using a map and compass and meet weekly training/mission attendance standards. 

    The ground team is also capable of deploying and supporting many other resources in the field depending on our mission. These Include, but are not limited to, Advanced Medical Training. Swift-Water Rescue Swimmers, K9 Search Dogs and their Handlers, Man-tracking Teams, Technical Rope Rescue Techs, ATV, Boat and Helicopter Specialists and Evidence Search Personnel.

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Rock-n-Raft 2018

COMMUNITY WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!! You rafted when the river was at its lowest and rocked it when the bands played for hours in the hot sun. THANK YOU for your donations and support with this event!


The Mesa County Search and Rescue Ground Team needs your help!

The Mesa County Search and Rescue Ground team needs your help to fund the procurement of an unmanned aerial vehicle system to better serve our community! Please click below and consider even a small donation and share the link with your friends! If every resident of the grand valley whom we serve gave just 20 cents, we would exceed our funding requirement!

MCSARGT Video Montage

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